Over the years GARNet has either produced or provided information and evidence for a variety of reports and meeting transcripts. A number of which are available to download here. We hope you find them really useful.

GARNet Workshop on 'Advances in Plant Imaging'

8th Sep 2019

GARNet organised a workshop that showcased outstanding imaging technologies and how they are used by plant sceintists.

This took place at the University of Warwick between September 9th-10th 2019.

The abstract book is available for download.

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Introduction to current GARNet activities

7th Jul 2019

Document outlines current GARNet activities as presented at the EPSR conference in the University of Nottingham on July 8th 2019.

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Minutes from GARNet Advisory Committee meeting: June 2019

3rd Jul 2019

The 68th GARNet Advisory Committee meeting was held at the University oif Birmingham on June 13th 2019. The meeting was hosted and chaired by Daniel Gibbs.

Attached are the minutes from this meeting that include interesting finding from UKRI-BBSRC regarding the movement of submitted Responsive mode grant applications.


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Promoting research links between UK and China scientists

14th Jun 2019

At the ICAR2019 meeting in Wuhan the GARNet coordinator arranged a workshop to promote interactions between UK and Chinese plant scientists at all levels.

Workshop- Developing Plant Science Collaborations between UK and China (Shanghai Hall)

- Geraint Parry ( GARnet Coordinator, UK) General introduction to plant science research in the United Kingdom and to available sources of funding

- Xiaofeng Cao ( Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology): Introducing research and opportunities available at CEPAMS.

- Yuling Jiao ( Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS ); Robert Sablowski ( John Innes Centre ). Introducing plant science research and opportunities at the John Innes Centre as well as benefits of interactions through the Newton Fund.

The attached document is a summary of Geraint Parry's presentation and outlines the Plant Science opportunities for Chinse students and researchers.

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MASC Annual Report 2019

10th Jun 2019

The annual report from the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) is attached and now available for download

This report documents the progress in Arabidopsis research amongst member countries, project resources and MASC subcommittees.

The GARNet coordinator is current secretary of MASC, which provides the UK community with significant input into the activity of this organisation that has guided global Arabidopsis research over the past three decades.

More information about MASC can be found here:

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Future Framework Smith enquiry: Evidence from GARNet

29th May 2019

Professor Sir Adrian Smith is leading a Government consultation on 'Future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation: call for evidence'.

Professor Smith is providing independent advice to government on the design of future UK funding schemes for international collaboration, innovation and research.

This is the advice by the GARNet advisory committee.

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Minutes from GARNet Advisory Committee meeting: March 2019

4th Apr 2019

The 67th GARNet advisory board meeting took place on March 21st at Cardiff University. Please download the minutes to learn about our ongoing activities.

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INDEPTH Prague meeting abstract book.

4th Mar 2019

The main meeting of the 'Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits' (INDEPTH) Cost Action took place in Prague between February 25th-27th 2019.

Please download the abstract book to learn about the activities of this exciting COST Action.

Further details about these activities can be found on the INDEPTH website.

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MASC Code of Conduct for ICAR meetings

6th Feb 2019

The directors of the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) in collaboration with Joanna Friesner (Executive Director: North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) have developed a code of conduct for future versions of the Interantional Conference of Arabidopsis Research (ICAR). This code includes advice about appropriately dealing with harassment and reporting of conference materials.

ICAR conferences will provide a safe and productive environment that promotes equal opportunity and treatment for all participants that is free of harassment and discrimination and allows the sharing of unpublished scientific findings. The code of conduct applies to all registered attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, contractors, volunteers, and guests; and it applies both within the ICAR conference venues and in associated events and locations where ICAR conference delegates are present.

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Growing the Future report

29th Jan 2019

The UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF) is a special advisory committee of the Royal Society of Biology. It brings together the UK plant sciences community to develop a coordinated approach to policy and practice in research, industry, funding, education and outreach, wherever possible.

UKPSF have developed a major report on the future of UK plant science entitled 'Growing the Future'. This report was released in a parlimentary reception hosted by Stephen Metcalfe MP on January 29th 2019.

Download the full report here.

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