Over the years GARNet has either produced or provided information and evidence for a variety of reports and meeting transcripts. A number of which are available to download here. We hope you find them really useful.

CyVerseUK Imaging

21st Mar 2017

These slides are from the Imaging Session of the CyVerseUK workshop held at the University of York on March 21st 2017. This session was prepared by Tony Pridmore, Tuan Nguyen and Khalid Ismail.

You need to register for CyVerse to use the tutorial.

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GARNetNatVar16: Using Natural Variation as a tool for Gene Discovery and Crop Improvement

1st Jan 2017

The abstract book for this GARNet meeting hosted at the University of Cambridge on December 13-14th 2016.

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GARNet Committee Meeting Minutes: December 6th 2016

6th Dec 2016

Minutes from the 58th GARNet committee meeting held at the University of York on December 6th 2016.

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GARNet2016 Araport Workshop

11th Sep 2016

Information from the Araport workshop held at the GARNet2016 meeting in Cardiff on September 6th.

More information about Araport can be found at:

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GARNet Committee Meeting Minutes: September 8th 2016

8th Sep 2016

Minutes from the 57th GARNet committee meeting held on September 8th in Cardiff.

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Wheat Training Resource

7th Sep 2016

Information about the Wheat Training Resource as delivered at the GARNet2016 meeting in Cardiff by Nikolai Adamski, Philippa Borrill and Cristobal Uauy.

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GARNet2016: Innovation in the Plant Sciences

5th Sep 2016

In September 2016, Cardiff University hosted the latest biennial GARNet meeting that brought together 100 delegates to learn about and discuss the newest innovations in plant science.

The meeting included five plenary sessions on:

- Frontiers in Plant Imaging

- Enabling the Translational Pipeline

- Plant Synthetic Biology

- Genomics tools for Gene Discovery

- Cell Signaling

as well as three workshops entitled 'Finding your Arabidopsis Gene in Wheat', 'Troubleshooting experiments with CRISPS-Cas9 and 'Usage and Application development within Araport'.

Please download and take a look at the abstract book to learn about the exciting science that occured at this event.

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GARNet Committee Meeting Minutes: June 2016

16th Jun 2016

Please view the public minutes from the GARNet Advisory Committee Meeting that took place at the University of Bristol in June 2016.

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GARNet/Egenis meeting on 'Integrating Large Data into Plant Science: From Big Data to Discovery'

21st Apr 2016

GARNet and the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences (Egenis) are excited to host a two-day workshop on ‘Integrating Large Data into Plant Science: From Big Data to Discovery’ to be held in the picturesque Dartington Hall in Devon on April 21st-22nd 2016.

The aims of this workshop are to:

1. Introduce examples of how researchers have re-used datasets in innovative ways.

2. Examine the intrastructure that exists to support the re-use of large datasets

3. Discuss the mechanisms by which the community deals with big data.

Please download the abstract book and look out for a meeting report coming in the near future.

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GARNet/OpenPlant CRISPR Workshop

24th Sep 2015

GARNet and OpenPlant were delighted to invite over 140 attendees to the CRISPR-Cas workshop held at the John Innes Centre at the start of September 2015, sponsored by Plant Methods. This workshop was designed to introduce CRISPR technology and highlight what might be possible with his transformative technology. A report from the meeting can be found on the GARNet blog.

On Day Two of the workshop we hosted ~20 researchers to learn more detail about the basic principles for use of CRISPR-Cas technology. The workshop was split into the following parts: 1. Designing guide RNAs. 2. Making constructs using the MoCLo system. 3. Screening trangenic plants.

This workshop was run by Dr Nicola Patron and she is happy to share her notes from that session, which can be downloaded below. This will hopefully give some guidance to anyone embarking on use of CRISPR-Cas for the first time.

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