Over the years GARNet has either produced or provided information and evidence for a variety of reports and meeting transcripts. A number of which are available to download here. We hope you find them really useful.

GARNet Advisory Board Minutes: June 2018

7th Aug 2018

Minutes from the GARNet Advisory board meeting held on June 20th at Cardiff University hosted by Jim Murray. If you have any comments about these minutes then please contact the GARNet Coordinator Geraint Parry.

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Reversing the Decline in Plant Science Applications to the BBSRC Responsive Mode: analysis and recommendations from GARNet

1st Jul 2018

Reversing the Decline in Plant Science Applications to the BBSRC Responsive Mode: analysis and recommendations from GARNet

GARNet collaborated with the BBSRC to investigate why there is falling support for fundamental plant science through Responsive Mode grant applications. This decline appears to be driven by a equivalent decline in applications.

We have investigated the factors that might influence this decline and provide some recommendations that might ensure that the number of applications doesn't continue to fall.

A summary of these recommendations can be found on GARNet blog and the full report downloaded here.

Thanks to Rocio Gaudioso-Pedraza from BBSRC for contributing an article about IMPACT.

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INDEPTH Meeting Report

1st Jul 2018

Meeting Report: INDEPTH kick meeting published in the Journal of Cell Science.

Parry G, Probst AV, Baroux C, Tatout C (2018). Meeting report - INDEPTH kick-off meeting. J Cell Sci. doi: 10.1242/jcs.220558



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MASC Annual Report: 2017-2018

21st Jun 2018

The annual report from the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) has been published in advance of the ICAR2018 meeting in Turku.

GARNet Coordinator Geraint Parry is also MASC secretary and the main objective of MASC is to promote and facilitate research in Arabidopsis. By publishing this annual report we bring together in one place information about the remarkable progress that has been made across all facets of research in this most dynamic of plant science research communities.

If you have any comments about the report then please contact Geraint.

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GARNet Advisory Committee Minutes: March 2018

18th Apr 2018

Attached are the minutes from the GARNet advisory board meeting held at the University of Bristol on March 28th 2018. if you have any comments about these minutes please contact the GARNet coordinator Geraint Parry

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GARNet Plant Gene Editing Workshop

27th Mar 2018

On March 26th-27th 2018 GARNet in collaboration with the Bristol Centre for Agricultural Innovation and New Phytologist hosted a workshop that focussed on CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. The meeting website is here.

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INDEPTH Kickoff meeting abstract book

5th Mar 2018

The GARNet coordinator Geraint Parry is the Science Communication manager for the pan-european COST Action CA16212. This is entitled INDEPTH: Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits. INDEPTH brings together over 100 scientists who investigate the role that nuclear domains play in the control of gene expression and plant phenotypes. The Kickoff meeting takes place in Clermont-Ferrand between March 12-14th and this is the abstract book.

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STC evidence on Brexit Science and Innovation

9th Feb 2018

GARNet submitted a report to the UK Government Science and Technology committee call for evidence on an upcoming summit on the impact of Brexit on Science and Innovation. This was one of a few submissions that focussed on plant science, which are highlighted elsewhere on the GARNet website.

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Meeting Report: Separate Product from Process: Framing the debate that surrounds the potential uptake of new breeding technologies

24th Jan 2018

This Meeting Report published in Physiologia Plantarum results from the SEB Plant Section Meeting on New Breeding Technologies (NBTs) in Plant Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. This covers both the policy and technical aspects that were discussed at the meeting and provides an current overview of this fast moving research area.

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GARNet Committee Meeting Minutes: December 14th 2017

3rd Jan 2018

The 62nd GARNet Committee Meeting was held at the University of Edinburgh on December 14th 2017. The minutes from the meeting are attached. Please contact Geraint Parry if you have any questions on the topics raised in this meeting.

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