Proteomics & Metabolomic Facilities

List of academic facilities that provide proteomic and metabolomic services to researchers for the characterization of plant proteins and metabolites.

Aberdeen Proteome Facility (UK)

The Aberdeen Proteome Facility provides a proteomics service for academic and commercial users. The services include advice on sample preparation for all analyses, high resolution 2D electrophoresis, computer analysis of 2D Gels using Phoretix 2D software, tryptic peptide mapping and mass spectrometry, automated Edman sequencing, and full database searching for protein identification.

Australian Proteome Facility

APAF has over 15 years of experience in providing proteomic services, including multiplexing assays, high-throughput cell based bioactive screening assays, protein arrays, and quantitative protein assays.

Cambridge Centre for Proteomics (UK)

Proteomics centre offering a range of protein analyses: 2D-SDS PAGE; protein identification or quantification by mass spectrometry; 2D-DIGE; and post-translational modification mapping. 

Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry (UK)

The York Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry provides a means for you to access state-of-the-art instrumentation, along with the necessary expertise to develop your research in many areas, such as therapeutic protein discovery and characterisation, post-genomic sciences, gas-phase ion chemistry, chemical catalyst discovery, and many more.

National Centre for Plant and Microbial Metabolomics

The Centre undertakes research in metabolomics and provides services for the comprehensive chemical and informatic analysis of plant and microbial metabolites, including NMR and mass spectrometry. The website includes protocols, glossary of terms, and a list of resources

UMN Metabolomics Facility

The University of Minnesota Plant Metabolomics Facility provides high resolution mass spectrometry for:

> Untargeted metabolomics - the global analysis of metabolites within a sample with no specific bias towards one particular compound or group of compounds

> Targeted metabolomics that focuses on the analysis of one or a few specific compounds or a class of compounds for more definitive quantitation. Targeted analysis can be designed specifically for the need of clients for a class of compounds to be analyzed

For more information contact Jerry Cohen

University of Dundee Proteomics Facility

This is one of the largest proteomics facilities in Europe and they offer services to both external academic and industrial customers. They have worked with members of the plant community so have expertise in this area. Amongst other things they possess an excellent reputation for: delivery of service, value for money, efficiency and speed, and confidentiality. We are always pleased to receive enquiries from existing or potential clients and aim to provide the best service to meet the requirements of your specific research project. For more information please contact Dougie Lamont

Warwick/Waters Centre for BioMedical Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics (UK)

The Centre undertakes collaborative proteomics-based projects with both U.K. and international academic institutions on a number of both well characterised and novel organisms. Projects include protein profiling, quantitative proteomic studies, phosphorylation and post-translational modification mapping. The use of bioinformatic approaches is crucial to a significant number of the projects undertaken, with four dual processor servers, 20 Tb of data storage capacity and a bioinformatics cluster (Apple) based in the Centre for Systems Biology available.