Next Generation Sequencing Facilities

List of academic facilities that provide next generation sequencing services, which allow researchers to undertake high throughput analysis of nucleic acids.

3D RNAseq Analysis Tool

At the end of October GARNet hosted a workshop on the the 3d RNAseq App that has been developed by Wenbin Guo and Runxuan Zhang at the James Hutton Institute. Workshop schedule and attendees can be downloaded here (PDF).

The 3D RNA-Seq Analysis Tool is designed for the comprehensive differential expression, alternative splicing analysis and visualisation of RNASeq Data.

It runs the analysis through a user-friendly graphical interface, that can handle complex experimental designs, allows user setting of statistical parameters, visualizes the results through graphics and tables, and generates publication quality figures and customerised  analysis reports.

The program is designed to be run by biologists with minimal bioinformatics experience (or by bioinformaticians) allowing lab scientists to take control of the analysis of their RNA-seq data.

The designers also provide a explanation on how RNAseq FastQ reads can be processed through Salmon or Kallisto using the Galaxy platform.

This entire process allows non-experts to take their raw data through to detailed outputs within a couple of days!

Instructional documents can be downloaded here and please check out the accompanying YouTube video.

1. Transcript quantification using Galaxy (HTML

2. 3D RNAseq Manual (zipped HTML)

3. 3D Workshop presentation (PPT)

4. YouTube Video

Cardiff University School of Biosciences Genomics Hub
The School of Biosciences is home to a vibrant community of genomics researchers, with particular expertise in metagenomics, de novo genome assembly, transcriptome analysis, chromatin mapping and epigenetics.
Our Genomics Research Hub acts as a focus for this community, with linked technology platforms that support user-driven, next-generation sequencing for a wide-range of users and applications.