Mutant Collections

Catalogue of stock centers and other bodies that provide seeds and/or information relating to Arabidopsis germplasm, accessions, mutant and inbreed lines.


A genome wide resource for RNAi in Arabidopsis. The Arabidopsis Genomic RNAi Knock-down Line Analysis project aimed to construct 4000-5000 gene specific RNAi constructs in order to help researchers to produce mutants in any gene of interest. Amplicons, entry clones and seeds generated by this project are available at NASC.

From the abstract: Gene-specific sequence tags (GSTs) were carefully selected to ensure that each of them shared no significant similarity with any other region in the Arabidopsis genome. We have subcloned GSTs on a large scale into vectors designed for gene silencing in plant cells. We show that in planta expression of GST hairpin RNA results in the expected phenotypes in silenced Arabidopsis lines. These versatile GST resources provide novel and powerful tools for functional genomics.

INRA, Versailles Genomic Resources Centre

This centre provides seeds stock for T-DNA insertion lines, a collection of natural population and recombinant inbreed lines.

Lehle Seeds

Private company selling Arabidopsis seeds. They also sell consumables.

Mutant genotype and phenotype dataset

Lloyd and Meinke have made a dataset of 2400 genes with loss-of-function phenotypes in Arabidopsis. The complete dataset is found in Supplementary Table 2 of the Plant Physiology paper.

NASC Germplasm search and browse

Search through the NASC germplasm database using several different criteria to find and order your seed/stock. There are also links to pages on working with Arabidopsis, and to their -omics databses. 


TILLING service available for Lotus japonicus 'Gifu' and 'MG20', Medicago and B. rapa 'R-o-18'. There are information pages about tilling and the species worked on. 

RIKEN BRC, Bioresource

A vast collection of seed stocks, including ecotypes and mutant seeds from the Sendai Arabidopsis Stock Center, RIKEN GSC Transposon-tagged line seeds, RIKEN GSC/BRC Activation (T-DNA)-tagged line seeds, RIKEN PSC Arabidopsis FOX line seeds, Individual lines (mutant and transgenic lines), and RIKEN GSC Full-length cDNA (RAFL) clones.



Information on the vast collection of TDNA lines, full length cDNAs supplied by SALK, and a transcriptome database and gene mapping tool.


An overview of various forward and reverse genetics projects and seed resources.

TAIR Germplasm and stock search

A tool allowing the user to search for germplasms/seed stocks in the TAIR database using a number of parameters.


TILLING service for rice, hexaploid and tetraploid wheat, Arabidopsis thaliana, and tomato