Early Career Resources

A list of useful or fun websites for PhD students and post-docs


A web-portal from Technology Networks dedicated to news on AgriGenomics. It contains news, posters, videos, a blog and lots more. Registered users can access all the resources.  Registration is free.

Database of very clear protocols for the biological sciences. There is a comprehensive plant science section with a useful drop-down menu that should help you find the protocols of relavence to your work. There is also a search bar. 

Find a PhD/Find a PostDoc

Excellent recruitment website where post-doc and PhD positions are advertised. 

Gatsby Plants

Gatsby has a great website full of useful pages like Teaching Resources, useful for teaching and background reading, and  Careers page. 

Guide to Open Access Journals

The guide includes a curated list of free, peer reviewed journals and journal databases covering a number of disciplines.

It was put together knowing that people like the convenience of online research even though it can return questionable results. There's a lot of good information out there, and this guide shows you where to find it. Of particular interest to the GARNet community is the overview of AGRIS, a repository of agriculture-related papers. 

Metabolomics Society

The Metabolomics Society is an international society of metabolomics researchers. Their website has many useful pages, including jobs, a list of databases, and tutorials

Peer Review: The nuts and bolts

A Sense About Science Standing up for Science information booklet on peer review. It provides a good overview of the system for early career researchers and others who are starting out in science, and includes comments from editors and reviewers as well as looking at the system as a whole. 

PhD Comics

An extremely unconstructive method of procrastination.

Poster design: a practical guide for scientists and engineers

This helpful booklet contains useful information about putting together scientific posters. Includes practical tips on text and typography, image use, layout and more. 

Science Careers

As well as searchable databases of studentships and jobs, there are articles and tips for people looking for, or who are in, scientific or science-related careers. 

UK Plant Sciences Federation

The UKPSF is a special interest group of the Society of Biology that brings together the plant science community in the UK to create a coordinated approach to research, industry, education and outreach.

You can join their LinkedIn networking group to stay up to date with events, news and opportunities relavent to UK plant science. 

US Graduate Programmes

If you're considering a US graduate programme, take a look at PhD Schools, which ranks courses and institutions according to information from the National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, and the National Center for Education Statistics. 


An organisation dedicated to supporting the career development of PhD students and research staff.