26th Nov 2018

GARNet interacts with the UK plant science community through the support of grant applications, organisation of meetings/workshops, responding to calls for evidence as well as keeping the community informed about relevant new developments. The Advisory Committee oversees all aspects of this work.

GARNet advisory committee members serve a three-year term and we annually elect 3 new members for the committee.

Advisory committee members whose terms are ending in 2018 are:

Saskia Hogenhout, John Innes Centre

Christine Raines, University of Essex

The members of the Advisory Committee whose elected terms will continue into 2019 are:

Jim Murray, Cardiff University (GARNet PI 2015-2020)

Steven Spoel, University of Edinburgh, GARNet Chairman.

Daniel Gibbs, University of Birmingham

Jill Harrison, University of Bristol

Murray Grant, University of Warwick

Andrea Harper, University of York

Sarah McKim, James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee

Colin Turnbull, Imperial College

These elected representatives are supported by these ex officio members:

Ruth Bastow, CHAP

Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter

Sean May, University of Nottingham

The GARNet coordinator: Geraint Parry

The GARNet electorate

The GARNet electorate is made up of all UK Principal Investigators that have a focus on some aspect of plant science. The electoral roll is maintained by the GARNet coordinator, with retiring and new faculty removed and added as appropriate. The electoral roll currently has approximately 580 members.


Over the course of 2 weeks the GARNet electorate were asked to nominate colleagues for election to the GARNet advisory committee. GARNet policy is to only have one elected member of faculty from any UK institution on the advisory committee so in this set of elections PIs at the following locations were not eligible for election: Imperial College and the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dundee, Edinburgh, Warwick, and York.

Twenty PIs were nominated for election and the GARNet advisory committee then selected 8 people for the election. These PI were contacted and asked if they were willing to stand for election. Ultimately 7 people agreed to stand and moved forward to the election.

GARNet election

The following 7 candidates agreed to stand for election to the GARNet Advisory Committee.

> Renier Van Der Hoorn, University of Oxford

> Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso, University of Leeds

> Xiaoqi Feng, John Innes Centre

> Vasilios Andriotis, University of Newcastle

> Eirini Kaeserli, University of Glasgow

> Levi Yant, University of Nottingham

> Johannes Kromdijk, University of Cambridge

The electoral roll were asked to vote for only the favoured three candidates using a link to an anonymous survey. The poll was open for 2 weeks.

Election result

Candidates were awarded 3-2-1 points depending on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place votes in the election. 144 members (approximately 24%) of the electoral roll voted in the election, which is a similar number to in previous years (129 in 2017, 143 in 2016, 173 in 2015). This indicates that GARNet retains the support of the UK plant science community.

Following the election Eirini Kaeserli (85 total votes), Yoselin Bentinez-Alfonso (81 total votes) and Renier Van de Hoorn (62 total votes) were elected to the GARNet advisory committee.

The GARNet advisory committee thanks everyone who participated in the election.