14th Mar 2016

January often provides motivational difficulties with its seemingly incessant rain and greyness (if you are in the UK at least).

Therefore it’s good to plan ahead and consider the places you can visit to learn about exciting science, and of course have a great time as well. In the UK we are have an excellent selection of plant science-focussed meetings and workshops so take a look at the list below that is most relevant for GARNet readers….. and plan your 2016 travels!!


April is the time for more focussed workshops, these typically have around 100 attendees...

April 4th-6th:

Cambridge, UK: Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium '16: Induced Plant Development.

Registration ends on January 11th.  This symposium brings together an excellent selection of international speakers whose work focuses on the cellular basis of determining plant development.



April 10th-12th:

Oxford, UK: Plant Proteases 2016: From Roles in Life and Death to Understanding Regulation and Action.

Registration is open with deadline of March 1st. This focused meeting bring together the leaders in this research community.

FB: Plant Proteases 2016


April 11th-12th:

Norwich, UK: UK Plant Science Federation Annual Meeting.

Registration now open. This is a broad conference that will include presentation across key themes linked by a common thread.



April 21st-22nd:

Totnes, Devon, UK: GARNet/Egenis Workshop on 'Integrating Large Data into Plant Science: From Big Data to Discovery'.

To register interest please email Geraint Parry with the reason why you would like to attend. This small workshop for approx 50 attendees will discuss in detail the challenges of using big data in plant sciences. We have an excellent selection of speakers and encourage anyone interested in this topic to register their interest.



May 15th-19th

Beijing, China: New Phytologist Symposia: Plant Developmental Evolution

Travel grants applications and registration now open.


The summer season is full of big conferences at great venues.....

June 15th- June 17th

Trondheim, Norway: Norwegian Plant Biology 2016

Biannual general plant science meeting: Registration now open.


June 21st-June 25th

Toronto, Canada: International Plant Growth Substances Association 

Registration opens February 1st.


June 26th-June 30th:

Prague, Czech Republic: Plant Biology Europe: EPSO/FESPB Congress.

Registration and abstract submission is now open.



June 29th- July 4th:

GjeongJu, South Korea: International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR16)

Registration is pending and will open soon. GARNet hopes to have £500 travel studentships available for this meeting.


July 4th-7th:

Brighton, UK. Society of Experimental Biology (SEB) Annual Meeting

Registration is now open. This broad-based conference has Plant and Cell sessions that will be relevant for many plant scientists.



July 9th-13th

Austin, Texas, USA: American Society of Plant Biology Annual Meeting

Abstract submission if you wish to be considered for a 'lightning talk' ends on January 25th.



July 25th-27th

Bristol, UK: New Phytologist Symposia: Colonization of the terrestrial environment

Travel grants applications and registration now open.


July 26th- 27th

Norwich, UK: OpenPlant Forum Annual Meeting

Registration details to follow. This is the major annual UK Plant synthetic Biology meeting.



Get your fill of Arabidopsis (and other plant) research before the autumn semester starts....

August 31st-Sept 2nd

Strasbourg, France: European Workshop on Plant Peptide Signalling

Registration is now open. PLANT PEPTIDES & RECEPTORS 2016, the 4th European Workshop on Peptide Signalling in Plants.


September 6th-7th

Cardiff, UK: GARNet2016: Innovation in the Plant Sciences

Registration will open in the spring. This biennial meeting will focus on new technologies for the plant sciences across a range of topics with an exciting speaker list.



September 14th-16th.

Vienna, Austria: Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting

Registration will open later in the year, which is when the scientific program will also be released.


Avoid thinking about Christmas shopping by attending an excellent workshop....

December 12th-13th.

Cambridge, UK: GARNet workshop on Natural Genetic Variation as a Tool for Gene discovery and Crop Improvement

Registration will open in the summer for this focussed meeting that includes Detlef Weigel and Magnus Nordborg as two of its keynote speakers.