25th Jun 2015

OpenPlant is a BBSRC-funded collaborative initiative between the University of Cambridge and both The Sainsbury Laboratory and John Innes Centre in Norwich. OpenPlant focuses on the development of new technologies for plant synthetic biology. In addition they promote foundational technologies that facilitate exchange and freedom to operate in research environments, as well as the application of technologies for trait engineering.

This summer, OpenPlant will hold its first annual Forum from 27 – 29th July 2015 at the Department of Plant Sciences in Cambridge. The OpenPlant Forum aims to bring together members of OpenPlant, our partners and the Scientific Advisory Board. However we also welcome applications for tickets from others in the plant synthetic biology and related communities. As such up to twenty tickets are reserved for applicants from the GARNet community. Apply for tickets here, and mention in the application form that you heard about the Forum through GARNet.

One highlight of the meeting is the OpenPlant Fund, which is a competition for young researchers to gain small grants to develop novel synthetic biology resources. GARNet is pleased to be associated with the Forum and is excited to help judge the OpenPlant Fund.

Over the past few years, GARNet has played a role in promotion of Plant Synthetic Biology, most notably in the publication of a report on the development of these SynBio resources. OpenPlant is an exciting development and we are looking forward to engaging the community as the fruits of the program become available more widely to other researchers.

If you have any questions about the event you can contact the OpenPlant Project Manager, Colette Matthewman (, or OpenPlant Coordinator Jenny Molloy (