Plant Expression Vectors

A selection of resources introducing available vectors for expressing YGI in plants

Binary 2in1 Vectors for Improved FRET

A novel vector set that incorporates the benefit of the recombination-based 2in1 cloning system with the latest state-of-the-art fluorescent proteins for optimal coaccumulation and FRET output studies. This allows the expression of two transgenes from the same expression vector which is useful for co-expression analysis. The authors have developed a novel set of xFP proteins to improve the effectivness of FRET. These resources can be ordered here from Christopher Grefen.

Earley Gate Vectors

A wide range of Gateway compatible vectors for expression of YGI behind 35S or your own promotor. Includes YFP, CFP, GFP, His-, HA and FLAG tags.

Published description

GWB series

Very large set of vectors for a variety of tasks including simple expression, promotor swapping experiments, BiFC and multigene cloning.

In simpliest terms these include vectors for expression behind 35S or your own promotor. Available to tag with GFP, YFP, CFP, His, HA, FLAG, Myc, GST, T7, TAP or LUC (PDF of GWB set).

Open Access description of the vector set.


MCS vectors

Created by Mark Curtis at UZH in Zurich. A range of vectors for expression of YGI behind 35S or your own promotor with GFP or GUS. Also contains three empty vectors and vectors with HSP or Estradiol inducible promotors.

Published report.

pEAQ Transient expression series

A set of small gateway-compatible binary vectors for transient expression of YGI using a viral-promotors. These ensure high levels of expression and have been used to particular effect in tobacco leaves and are the basis of the biotechnological development of expressing human antibodies in plants.

Strader YFP-GW collection

Collection of gateway compatible vectors for expression of YGI behing a pre-cloned tissue-specific promotor or behind a promotor for your choosing. Available without a tag or with a N-terminal YFP tag.

Open Access paper