29th Apr 2015

The GARNet community is pleased to announce that Dr Geraint Parry will be taking up the role of GARNet coordinator.

Geraint has been involved in the plant science community since completing his PhD at the University of Nottingham with Professor Malcolm Bennett. Subsequently he worked at Indiana University in the USA as a postdoc in the labs of Professor Mark Estelle and Professor Scott Michaels. For the past few years Geraint was a lecturer at the University of Liverpool where he led an independent research group investigating the plant nuclear pore complex.

Geraint is excited for this new opportunity to act as an advocate for the UK plant science community. Over the next five years GARNet is committed to encouraging Arabidopsis researchers to investigate the translatable potential of their work, to facilitate the use of big data to solve problems in plant science and to provide a reposition of information useful to all scientists. In addition we continue to welcome any contributions to the GARNet blog.

Geraint will be commencing his position with GARNet during May. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions then please do not hesitate to contact Geraint at