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With so much going on in the world of Arabidopsis research, you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

Third round of ERA-CAPS

13th Apr 2018

The latest set of funded ERA-CAPS plant science consortium grants were recently announced. Nine UK-based researchers were included in twelve funded consortia, which include up to 5 partners from across the EU and the USA. Unfortunately two of these UK grants are 'self-funded' as the BBSRC were...

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GARNet Research Roundup: April 11th 2018

11th Apr 2018

This weeks GARNet research roundup begins with a microscopy-based study led by Lorenzo Frigerio from the University of Warwick that investigates the origin of Protein Storage Vacuoles. The second paper from John Doonan from Aberystwyth University looks at how differential splicing of...

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GARNet Research Roundup: March 29th 2018

29th Mar 2018

This edition of the GARNet research roundup begins with an analysis of the CELLULOSE SYNTHASE COMPLEX led by Simon Turner in Manchester. Next are two papers from Ian Henderson at Cambridge who, in collaboration with Rob Martienssen in the USA, has investigated the epigenetic factors that control...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: March 9th

9th Mar 2018

This Arabidopsis Research Roundup has five papers that includes two from the John Innes Centre and two from the University of Edinburgh. Firstly Kristen Bomblies’s group at the JIC have investigated the relationship between temperature and meiotic recombination rates. Secondly Veronica Grieneisen...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: March 2nd

2nd Mar 2018

The first two papers in this weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup investigate different aspects of the plants response to temperature fluctuations. Firstly Lars Ostergaard (JIC) looks at the control of fruit dehiscence whilst Phil Wigge (SLCU) investigates crosstalk between chloroplast and nuclear...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: February 22th

22nd Feb 2018

This edition of the Arabidopsis Research roundup beings with a study from SLCU that provides a molecular context to the changes that occur at graft junctions. Second is a study from Edinburgh that reports on the findings of a citizen science plant phenotyping project. Third are two studies from the...

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