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Taking the Next Step – Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal

9th Jul 2012

Taking the Next Step – Building an Arabidopsis Information Portal Over the past two years a great number of discussions have taken place over the future of Arabidopsis informatics. Currently The Arabidopsis Informatics Resource (TAIR) provides access to the Arabidopsis gold standard genome and...

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Series of Blog Posts on the New Phytologist Synthetic Biology Workshop

5th Jul 2012

A series of five blog posts about the 4th New Phytologist Workshop on Synthetic Biology is up on our blog, Weeding the Gems. What do you think are the main obstacles to plant synthetic biology?  Feel free to get in touch if you have a piece to contribute to the blog on Synthetic Biology, or...

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New GARNish edition now online

2nd Jul 2012

Edition 17 of GARNish is now available to download. Have a read to meet the new GARNet Chair, Jim Murray, get News and Views on recent activities among the GARNet community, a summary of the UK PlantSci 2012 Conference, and an update on Arabidopsis Informatics. Also highlighted are PhytoPath,...

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New blog posts

27th Jun 2012

Blog post on the 4th New Phytologist Workshop and one highlighting a recent Science paper on DNA methylation up on Weeding the Gems. 

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Two new blog posts on Weeding the Gems

20th Jun 2012

There are two new blog posts about the New Phytologist workshop on synthetic biology up on our blog, Weeding the Gems. 

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New resources added: Synthetic Biology and Early Career

18th Jun 2012

Two new categories have been added to our Resources page.  Go to Synthetic Biology Resources for a list of protocols, bioinformatics tools and online databases useful for synthetic biologists.  Our resources page for Early Career researchers has links to science careers pages...

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