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With so much going on in the world of plant science you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries, events and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

Funding round-up on the GARNet blog

23rd Oct 2012

A round up of funding opportunities coming up this winter. It includes grants for research, internation and industrial collaborations, for institutions, and competitions.  You can find it here:

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Four year PhD position available at the John Innes Centre

22nd Oct 2012

Project: Going for growth: identifying targets of a ubiquitin signaling cascade and defining their roles in controlling organ and seed size in Arabidopsis. Supervisor: Prof Mike Bevan ( One of the most characteristic features of plants is their size, which can vary hugely...

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Open access policies in academic publishing

19th Oct 2012

Recently it came to GARNet's attention that many researchers are unsure of open access policies in academic publishing. I have made a list of information about what can be accessed for free and when. Some funding bodies now demand all research undertaken with their funds be published open access....

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New blog posts on the GARNet blog

18th Oct 2012

There are several new blog posts up on the GARNet blog, including a highlighted New Phytologist paper on the metabolic and evolutionary costs of glucosinolate synthesis, a post on phytoplankton that flee from their predators, and a Friday Film series featuring a lecture about plants from Pandora...

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Making Data Accessible to All: Report now available

10th Oct 2012

The report from the GARNet Making Data Accessible to All workshop, which took place in July, is now available online. You can access the report, which contains a discussion of the current state of open access data and recommendations for its future, can be found...

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Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop, Oregon State University

2nd Oct 2012

Plant breeders, biologists and bioinformatics specialists from ten countries, seven US states, and two plant agribusinesses gathered in Corvallis, Oregon on September 13th-15th 2012 for a Crop Plant Trait Ontology Workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Plant Ontology and the Trait Ontology, and...

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