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GARNet 2014 - Call for Abstracts

16th Jan 2014

GARNet is pleased to announce that the call for abstracts for our forthcoming GARNet 2014 conference is now OPEN! The conference, Arabidopsis: The Ongoing Green Revolution, to be held at the University of Bristol on 9-10 September 2014, will focus on five core themes: Genome Biology Physiology...

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Celebrating Basic Plant Science: Blog Series

15th Jan 2014

Over the last few months, the GARNet blog Weeding the Gems has been running a series: Celebrating Basic Plant Science. So far Siobhan Braybrook, Juliet Coates, Catherine Kidner and Martin Howard have discussed their research and it has been fascinating to read their perspectives on how...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

13th Jan 2014

This week’s Arabidopsis Research Round-up features new work from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, the Universities of Exeter, Cambridge and Durham, and Rothamsted Research.   Stegmann M, Anderson RG, Westphal L, Rosahl S, McDowell JM and Trujillo M. The exocyst subunit Exo70B1 is...

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Arabidopsis - Science as Art

10th Jan 2014

Andrew Styan, an engineer-turned-Fine Art student from the University of Dundee, has created a beautiful animation that was inspired by 25 years of Arabidopsis research.  You can read more about the artwork, and view the animation, over on GARNet's Weeding the Gems...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

8th Jan 2014

Happy New Year! There’s a lot to catch up on after the Christmas and New Year break, so here’s a bumper edition of the Arabidopsis Research Round-Up!   Westwood JH, Groen SC, Du Z, et al. A trio of viral proteins tunes aphid–plant interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLOS ONE, 11...

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Coppicing response gene in biomass willow identified thanks to Arabidopsis

7th Jan 2014

Rothamsted Research scientists, in collaboration with researchers from the Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, funded by the BBSRC Crop Science Initiative, have discovered a gene that contributes to the coppicing response of willows. Willows (Salix spp.) are of commercial...

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