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Scientists throw light on the mechanism of plants’ ticking clock

25th Jul 2014

Scientists from the University of York are part of an international team of researchers who have made a significant step in discovering the genetic mechanisms that plants use to fight for light.  In a study published in the journal eLife they pinpoint a protein that plays a key role in the...

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Online resource engages students with plant science

22nd Jul 2014

An online platform is helping to tackle a decline in the number of undergraduate students studying plant science. Despite the critical relevance of the subject to global priorities such as food security, the Royal Society has raised concerns that we face a looming skills gap in the area. The...

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Plants sense water in soil to grow roots in the right direction

12th Jun 2014

Scientists have discovered how the presence of even small amounts of water can influence the structure of plant roots in soil, a finding that opens up new possibilities to improve water and nutrient foraging for important food crops. Significant improvements in crop yields are urgently required to...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

11th Jun 2014

Lots of new and interesting work from the UK Arabidopsis community this week, including: advances in our understanding of plant immunity, lateral root development, and cell wall structure. These new papers are from the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, and the Universities of Worcester, Cambridge,...

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Novel root regulator discovered by Arabidopsis researchers

9th Jun 2014

Scientists have uncovered a new mechanism by which plants can regulate root architecture, a discovery that could lead to better ways of growing crops. Adaptable roots are critical for plants to survive in changing environmental conditions, to anchor the plant to the ground and take up water and...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

4th Jun 2014

Another week, another round-up of the UK’s Arabidopsis research publications! Today’s episode of the round-up features one of our committee members, David Salt, from the University of Aberdeen, as well as work from the Universities of Leicester, Birmingham and Nottingham, and a 3D-graphic...

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