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GARNet and CGR Liverpool present Software Carpentry

12th Sep 2014

Date: 17th-18th November 2014 Apply for a place by 23 September 2014 GARNet and the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Genomic Research are teaming up with Software Carpentry in Liverpool for the second Software Carpentry for Plant Scientists bootcamp. Software...

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Workshop: Developing interdisciplinary omics tools for organelle and cell type-specific analysis of plants

9th Sep 2014

New Phytologist Workshop: Developing interdisciplinary omics tools for organelle and cell type-specific analysis of plants The aim of this tightly focused meeting is to objectively assess the feasibility of using proteomics in conjunction with Fluorescence Activated Cell...

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Study paves way for new crops

8th Sep 2014

Crops that thrive in changing climates could be developed more easily, thanks to fresh insights into plant growth. A new computer model that shows how plants grow under varying conditions could help scientists develop varieties likely to grow well in future. Scientists, including former GARNet PI...

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Training and skills in the UK plant sciences community: Have your say

4th Sep 2014

The UK Plant Sciences Federation have set up working groups to follow up the recommendations made in their report, which was launched in January. The Training and Skills Working group is tackling school, university, post-graduate and early career issues in the plant science. The...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

2nd Sep 2014

There are some really interesting Arabidopsis papers in the Round-up this week, including one from GARNet’s Chair, Jim Murray, a review on the role of sugar–hormone interactions in the regulation of floral signal transduction from the University of Bolton, and a fascinating Science paper...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-up

28th Aug 2014

Here’s your UK Arabidopsis Research Round-up for this week.  Today we feature a mixed bag of new work from the Universities of Cambridge, Leicester, Leeds and Liverpool. One of the Leeds authors, Emily Hawkes, has been selected to present her work at GARNet 2014, which takes place in just...

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