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With so much going on in the world of Arabidopsis research, you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

GARNet travel grants for Cell Wall 2019 meeting

5th Feb 2019

The XV Cell Wall Meeting will take place in Cambridge, United Kingdom between July 7th-12th 2019.   GARNet are pleased to be able to offer a set of £200 grants for UK-based Early Career Researchers to help with their travel and accomodation at this exciting meeting.   The meeting...

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GARNet Research Roundup: January 31st 2019

31st Jan 2019

This edition of the GARNet research roundup has an initial focus on the shoot apical meristem. Firstly a study from the University of Birmingham performs network analysis to define the connections that control the global organisation of this tissue. Second is the first of a group of papers...

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GARNet Research Roundup

11th Jan 2019

The inaugural GARNet Research Roundup of 2019 firstly includes a paper from the University of Sheffield that has identified new pericentromeric epigenetic loci that affect the pathogen response. Secondly is a collaboration between researchers in Birmingham, Nottingham and Oxford that has identified...

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Grants to support conference travel to China and Oxford in 2019!

2nd Jan 2019

As the festive period passes, thoughts turn to warmer times and summer conference plans. GARNet are delighted to provide and administer grants to support attendance at two major upcoming conferences. Royal Microscopy Society Botanical Microscopy 2019. Oxford Brookes University, April 14th-18th...

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GARNet Research Roundup: December 21st

21st Dec 2018

This bumper Festive Edition of the GARNet Research Roundup begins with two papers that have Beatriz Orosa-Puente as lead author following her work on SUMOylation with Ari Sadanandom at Durham. These papers looks at the role of SUMOylation in either auxin-mediated hydropatterning or in the defence...

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GARNet Travel Studentship for ICAR2019

7th Dec 2018

Application form for the GARNet Student Travel Bursary for ICAR2019 The 2019 Interntional Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR2019) is taking place in Wuhan, China on June 16th-21st. GARNet have gained sponsorship to provide 4x £500 travel studentships to support the attendance of UK-based...

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