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Wanted: GARNet Coordinator!

24th Feb 2015

As you may already know, there have recently been some big changes at GARNet! Following our successful reapplication for BBSRC funding, GARNet is set to continue supporting the plant science community in the UK for another five years, but we'll now be doing so from a new base at Cardiff...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-Up

23rd Feb 2015

Some interesting and diverse papers in the Arabidopsis Research Round-up this week – check out these offerings from the University of Warwick, University College London, John Innes Centre, University of Cambridge and University of Leicester.   Szakonyi D, Van Landeghem S, Baerenfaller K,...

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iPlant UK

13th Feb 2015

High-performance ‘cyberinfrastructure’ for the plant sciences is coming to Britain, thanks to a major new collaboration between scientists at the University of Arizona (US), the Texas Advanced Computing Center (US), the University of Warwick, the University of Liverpool, the University of...

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Arabidopsis Research Round-Up

9th Feb 2015

Here’s your Arabidopsis Research Round-up for this week! Today we have plenty of Scottish delights, including papers from the University of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the James Hutton Institute. There is also new work from researchers at the University of Durham, Nottingham, Leeds...

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Head of TSL Synthetic Biology to help lead the field

3rd Feb 2015

The Sainsbury Laboratory’s Head of Synthetic Biology, Dr Nicola Patron, has been awarded a SynBio LEAP Fellowship. The 2015 LEAP fellowships have been awarded to outstanding next generation leaders, for their visions and aspirations in shaping biotechnology for the public good. Nicola is one of...

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Changes at GARNet

2nd Feb 2015

As you may have read on Twitter or in the latest edition of GARNish, GARNet was successfully awarded renewed BBSRC funding to continue running the network for another five years. Whereas GARNet had previously been based at the University of Warwick and led by Professor Jim Beynon, the new grant...

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