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Arabidopsis Research Roundup

27th May 2015

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup sees a small number of high quality publications driven by UK-based researchers together with a couple of collaborative efforts that highlight the international aspect of research. Topics include two greatly different descriptions of how a plant responds to...

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20th May 2015

The ERA-CAPS funding call was a major EU initiative that was focused on plant sciences. Recently the second set of successfully funded projects were announced, even though the funding levels have not been confirmed. Amongst these twelve successful bids, eight feature UK plant scientists (including...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup

14th May 2015

Your UK Arabidopsis Research Round-up this week contains studies that aim to define a network of lateral root formation, elucidate modes of calcium signaling, determine mechanisms of epigenetic memory and also the influence of exon-edge evolution in determining the extent of selective pressure....

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Introducing the new GARNet Coordinator

29th Apr 2015

The GARNet community is pleased to announce that Dr Geraint Parry will be taking up the role of GARNet coordinator. Geraint has been involved in the plant science community since completing his PhD at the University of Nottingham with Professor Malcolm Bennett. Subsequently he worked at Indiana...

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A balancing act: fine tuning the production of plant cell membranes

15th Apr 2015

Scientists from Rothamsted Research and the University of Warwick, who are strategically funded by the BBSRC, have discovered a mechanism that allows plant cells to regulate the rate at which they produce membranes. The work is published in the journal The Plant Cell. Membranes are the...

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A new and unexpected metabolic pathway that underpins seedling establishment

13th Apr 2015

Seeds use an enzyme called pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase (PPDK) to produce sugar from their storage reserves providing the energy needed to kick start seedling establishment. Collaborative research between scientists at the University of Cambridge, Rothamsted Research and the Max Planck...

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