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OpenPlant Forum

25th Jun 2015

OpenPlant is a BBSRC-funded collaborative initiative between the University of Cambridge and both The Sainsbury Laboratory and John Innes Centre in Norwich. OpenPlant focuses on the development of new technologies for plant synthetic biology. In addition they promote foundational technologies that...

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GARNet-OpenPlant CRISPR-Cas Workshop: 7-8 September, John Innes Centre, Norwich

23rd Jun 2015

CRISPR technology is fast emerging as the breakthrough technology for precise genome editing in a range of experimental systems. In order to highlight the current developments and future potential for using this technology in the plant sciences, GARNet and OpenPlant are collaborating to organise a...

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HVFcP Funding Call

19th Jun 2015

The BBSRC funds 13 different networks under its Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy scheme (NIBB). One of these networks is run from the University of York called ‘High Value Chemicals in Plants’ and has the aim of 'identifying high value products from plants and optimising their...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: June 17th

17th Jun 2015

This weeks roundup features a wide range of research topics from two current members of GARNet Advisory board as well as two papers featuring work from the lab of Laszlo Bogre at Royal Holloway. The studies range from an investigation into the similarity between the barley and Arabidopsis circadian...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: June 10th

10th Jun 2015

This weeks UK Arabidopsis Research Roundup features work from two members of the GARNet advisory board who are working on very different aspects of how plants response to external stimuli. In addition there is a genetic and biochemical dissection of primary cell wall formation as well as a comment...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup

3rd Jun 2015

We are unashamedly biased in this weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup which firstly features work from the group of GARNet PI Jim Murray about the genetic interactions that define growth of lateral organs. Elsewhere we highlight papers that investigate a different role for CYCD3 genes in vascular...

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