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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: November 5th

5th Nov 2015

Academics from the John Innes Centre lead two of the papers featured in this week Arabidopsis Research Roundup. Firstly Veronica Grieneisen leads a study that combines modeling and experimental work to assess the factors that establish the root auxin maximum and secondly the structural biologist...

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Sainsbury Lab Cambridge Symposium

4th Nov 2015

In April 2016, the Sainsbury Lab Cambridge are hosting their inaugural workshop on 'Induced Plant Development. The details are below: Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium on Induced Plant Development Date: 4-6 April 2016 Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Scope: In contrast...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: October 28th

28th Oct 2015

This latest Arabidopsis Research Roundup is rather GARNet-focused as members of the current Advisory Board lead three of the featured papers. Firstly we present a study into mechanisms that control meiotic recombination, which also includes a short audio-description from the lead author Dr Ian...

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BBSRC 2015 Responsive Mode Round 1.

27th Oct 2015

Recently the BBSRC published the list of successfully funded grants from the first round of 2015 responsive mode funding. These results have been tabulated here. Whereas the last round of 2014 featured a high number of funded New Investigators grants, only one of this type was successful in this...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: October 20th

20th Oct 2015

There are just three research papers in this weeks Arabidopsis Roundup but they each represent important projects from established groups. Firstly is a significant output from the Edinburgh SynthSys Centre that documents their analysis of the Arabidopsis circadian clock. Secondly an international...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: October 12th

12th Oct 2015

The Arabidopsis Research Roundup is ‘defense-focused’ this week. We present three papers that highlight different aspects of plant immunity, two of which result from UK-US-China collaborations. Firstly a team from the Sainsbury Lab, Norwich looks at two molecular mechanisms that control...

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