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GARNet/Gatsby Travel Bursary for ICAR2016

18th Feb 2016

GARNet and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation are delighted to be able to offer four £500 travel bursaries for attendance of the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research which will take place in South Korea in June 2016. To be eligible, the student must still be studying on a UK-based PhD...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: February 17th

17th Feb 2016

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup features papers that build upon a history of research in each featured lab. Firstly Gareth Jenkins from Glasgow continues to investigate mechanisms of UV-B signaling whilst Laila Moubayidin, now at the JIC, is involved in work that investigates the multiple...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: February 9th

9th Feb 2016

It has been a quiet couple of weeks for newly published UK Arabidopsis Research but what might be lacking in quantity is made up for in quality! Firstly the PRESTA consortium use gene regulatory network analysis to identify a key component in the response to drought stress. Secondly is a paper...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: January 29th

29th Jan 2016

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup features a paper from David Baulcombe and Joe Ecker that further deciphers mechanisms of RNA silencing and is kindly discussed by postdoc Mat Lewsey in a short audio description. Elsewhere there are three studies that include researchers from CPIB in...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: January 22nd

22nd Jan 2016

A mixed selection of research in this UK Arabidopsis Roundup. Firstly a study from Stefan Kepinski and Mark Estelle that adds another layer of understanding to the regulation of the auxin response. Enrique Lopez-Juez leads a study into signaling between the nucleus and chloroplast while Tracey...

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Report from UKPSF Working Groups

12th Jan 2016

In 2014 the UK Plant Science Federation (UKPSF) published a report on 'Current Status and Future Challenges'. This report included a recommendation to establish four 'Working Groups' that would investigate future plans for UK plant science in these broad areas: - Training and Skills - Funding -...

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