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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: November 25th

25th Nov 2015

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup contains four papers each with a different focus. Firstly is a large-scale investigation that attempts to define the transcriptional changes that occur in response to bacterial infection. Second is a study that investigates a newly proposed role for the...

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GARNet2016: Innovation in the Plant Sciences

20th Nov 2015

We are please to announce that GARNet will be hosting the 'GARNet2016: Innovation in the Plant Sciences' conference on September 6th-7th 2016. This will be held at Cardiff University in South Wales, UK. We have assembled an excellent lineup of speakers that includes Ben Scheres, Chris Town, Cathie...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: November 13th

13th Nov 2015

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup presents a wide range of topics from researchers across the UK. Firstly we highlight a study that documents the early stages of a potential biotechnological/synthetic biology approach to improve higher plant photosynthesis using algal components....

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New GARNet Advisory Board Members

9th Nov 2015

GARNet is delighted to introduce the three new members of the Advisory Committee who will officially take up their positions in January 2016. They are Professor Christine Raines (University of Essex), Professor Saskia Hogenhout (John Innes Centre) and Dr Steven Spoel (University of Edinburgh) who...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: November 5th

5th Nov 2015

Academics from the John Innes Centre lead two of the papers featured in this week Arabidopsis Research Roundup. Firstly Veronica Grieneisen leads a study that combines modeling and experimental work to assess the factors that establish the root auxin maximum and secondly the structural biologist...

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Sainsbury Lab Cambridge Symposium

4th Nov 2015

In April 2016, the Sainsbury Lab Cambridge are hosting their inaugural workshop on 'Induced Plant Development. The details are below: Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium on Induced Plant Development Date: 4-6 April 2016 Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Scope: In contrast...

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