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With so much going on in the world of plant science you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries, events and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

Arabidopsis Research Roundup: August 19th

19th Aug 2016

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup includes broad representation from Norwich Research Park with Caroline Dean, Enrico Coen and Cyril Zipfel each leading studies that focus respectively on the regulation of transcriptional state, auxin patterning that defines leaf shape or the molecular basis...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: August 8th

8th Aug 2016

This weeks Arabidopsis Roundup contains a wide breadth of UK research. Firstly the lab of Jurriaan Ton undertakes a global analysis into the role of methylation in the immune response. Jurriaan kindly provides a short audio description of this work. Secondly Dame Caroline Dean's lab further add to...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: July 27th

27th Jul 2016

Each of the papers in this weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup involves a plants response to different stimuli. Giles Johnson provides an audio description of work that has discovered a novel mechanism of cold sensing. The audio piece provides a nice overview into the relationship between cold...

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GARNet2016: Innovation in the Plant Sciences

27th Jul 2016

There is less than a week to secure your early bird registration for the GARNet206: 'Innovation in the Plant Sciences' meeting. Taking place at Cardiff University on September 6th and 7th, we have an exciting list of speakers including Ben Scheres, Cathie Martin and...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: July 19th

19th Jul 2016

There are six papers in this weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup. Two of these include research on the stomatal patterning gene TMM. Firstly a White Rose consortium investigates the ancestral basis of stomatal patterning, whilst a Glasgow-based study investigates the relationship between patterning...

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GARNet Advisory Committee Meetings

13th Jul 2016

The GARNet grant is advised by a committee of elected academics who meet every three months to discuss progress and future directions. As appropriate for a publicy funded organsiation, GARNet will publish the minutes from these meeting on the GARNet websote. This first of these can be found in the...

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