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With so much going on in the world of plant science you can now stay up-to-date with all the latest news, discoveries, events and find out what is happening in the wider plant science community.

Arabidopsis Research Roundup: August 1st

1st Aug 2017

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup has a tools-focus as it includes three papers that highlight new tools that are available to the plant science community. Silke Robatzek (TSL) leads research that has developed software for analysis of subcellular fluorescent markers whilst in a broadly...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: July 18th

18th Jul 2017

This weeks Arabidopsis Research Roundup includes four studies from around the UK. Firstly is a systems-level study of the drought response that includes Alessandra Devoto from RHUL as a co-author. Secondly Anne Osbourn’s group at the JIC investigates sesterterpenoid biosynthesis across plant...

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CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing tools.

13th Jul 2017

Following last weekends SEB Plant section symposium in Goteberg on the topic of 'New Breeding Technologies' the GARNet website now includes excellent advice on the topic of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing kindly supplied by Dr Laurence Tomlinson from The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich. Hopefully this...

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Arabidopsis Research Roundup: July 3rd

3rd Jul 2017

The Arabidopsis Research Roundup returns this week with selection of publications from institutions across the UK. Firstly George Bassel (Birmingham) leads a study that investigates the integration of inductive signals in the embryonic root. Secondly a group from the Oxford Brookes plant science...

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End of an Era at GARNet

30th Jun 2017

Today is a sad one at GARNet HQ as we are losing Ruth Bastow to pastures new (a position with ELIXIR at the Earlham Institute). Ruth has been involved with GARNet for well over a decade, first as full time coordinator and more recently as the part-time support for Charis Cook and myself. Over...

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GARNish 27: The Wheat Issue!

30th Jun 2017

THE WHEAT ISSUE Contents   Please download the June 2017 edition of the GARNish newsletter: > UKPSF and GPC Updates by Jon Carruthers and Lisa Martin > UKBRC Meeting report  by Geraint Parry > Wheat Training Resource by Philippa Borrill > Introducing...

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