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GARNet Research Roundup

16th Jul 2018

This week’s GARNet research roundup begins with a set of papers looking at aspects of the plant defence response with a focus on the cell wall. Firstly work from Mike Deeks’ lab in Exeter assesses the role of FORMIN4 during pre-invasion cell wall apposition. Secondly Sara Pose and Paul Knox...

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Vector Borne Diseases in the UK

12th Jul 2018

GARNet is pleased to support the upcoming meeting on 'Vector Borne Diseases in the UK' by having available both travel funds as well as free registrations. These are available for early career researchers who work on an aspect of plant science. This event is being held at the John Innes Centre from...

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GARNet Research Roundup: June 4th 2018

4th Jun 2018

This weeks GARNet Research Roundup begins with a paper from researchers at the University of Dundee, James Hutton Institute, Durham University and the University of Glasgow that characterises a functional role for alternative splicing during the cold response. Second is a paper from Newcastle...

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GARNet Research Roundup: May 17th 2018

17th May 2018

This weeks GARNet research roundup includes six excellent papers investigating many aspects of Arabidopsis cell biology. Firstly Eirini Kaiserli from Glasgow introduces a novel regulator of blue-light signaling. Second is a paper that analyses the circadian clock with single cell resolution and is...

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GARNet Research Roundup: April 27th 2018

27th Apr 2018

This weeks GARNet research roundup features four papers that include Malcolm Bennett (University of Nottingham) as an author. The first three are linked manuscripts that investigate the role of auxin on root hair development that is controlled by varying phosphate levels. Ranjan Swarup provides an...

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Third round of ERA-CAPS

13th Apr 2018

The latest set of funded ERA-CAPS plant science consortium grants were recently announced. Nine UK-based researchers were included in twelve funded consortia, which include up to 5 partners from across the EU and the USA. Unfortunately two of these UK grants are 'self-funded' as the BBSRC were...

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