12th Dec 2013

We have launched a website for GARNet 2014 at

Registration for GARNet 2014 Arabidopsis: The Ongoing Green Revolution will open in January.


We are delighted to announce the full line-up for the conference: 

Session 1: Genome Biology

Plenary speaker – Rob Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories

Ian Hendersen, University of Cambridge

Antony Dodd, University of Bristol


Session 2: Physiology and Productivity

Plenary Speaker – Alistair Hetherington, University of Bristol

Miriam Gifford, University of Warwick

Steve Penfield, University of Exeter


Session 3: Natural Variation

Plenary Speaker – Maartin Koornneef, MPI for Plant Breeding Research

Adrian Brennan, University of Durham

Javier Agusti, University of Oxford


Session 4: Systems and Synthetic Biology

Plenary Speaker – Andrew Millar

Siobhan Braybrook, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge

Leah Band, University of Nottingham


Session 5: Plant Interactions with their Environment

Plenary speaker – Paul Schulze-Lefert, MPI for Plant Breeding Research

Cyril Zipfel, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Kerry Franklin, University of Bristol